Watercolour of Dalit child




So, this is my first blog! I’m 18 years old and have just started a fine art course at Cardiff metropolitan University. I guess that this blog will just show my artwork and my progression through the next three years of my life at uni, I am more of a traditional artist making artworks in painting mediums and lots of sketching.

My first brief is called outside/inside, and my focused artist is David Hockney. I am going to portray this brief using the idea of society and looking closely at outsiders in society. From researching this i decided to do my project on the Dalits (untouchables) in India.

Dalits are basically the lowestcaste in the Hindu religion and are treated like slaves and do not have the same rights as other Hindus in higher castes. The main reasoni have chosen this particular subject is because, from research, I have found out that aDalit will be in this caste for the rest of his/her life on earth and not only them but their children and there families also get ‘contaminated’ with this caste system even if they are innocent and have not committed any crime, also actions based on their ‘past life’ make any hindu an untouchable.

Today, the Dalits have become a powerful political force in India, and enjoy greater access to education than ever before. Some Hindu temples even allow Dalits to act as priests; traditionally, they were not allowed to set foot on temple grounds, and only Brahmins could serve as priests. Although they still face discrimination from some quarters, the Dalits are untouchable no longer.