Exhibition set up continued.. 

Over the last two weeks, we have all been working together to create an exhibition space for our final show. This has meant that we have needed to do a number of jobs;

  • Build the degree show itself, collapsing walls to create a spacious show design.
  • Sorting the walls, by painting them white, polyfiller’ing holes and sanding them down.
  • Cleaned the floors
  • Filled the windows, by making a timber frame to go inside the window then screwing in panels to cover the window itself. (Me Ronnie and Ffion worked together to make sure all the windows which needed to be filled were filled)

When this was completed we were able to stack our work against the wall to see how it would look visually before committing to the actual wall. This process also allowed me to play around with the space I was given by moving the boards to create different spaced gaps. Because I was still unsure about spacing, I spoke to my tutor regarding my worries. He suggested I trim down the wall fixing for the cleats so I can slide the boards when I fix them to the wall.

I came across a few issues whilst putting the boards up, my boards were all warped so when they were fixed to the wall sometimes they sort of jumped out. Making it impossible for the boards to sit flush side by side with no gaps. After consulting my peers I decided that a small gap would look the best given the issues with the wood. This has resulted in me thinking about how the sides will look seeing as they are now being exposed. With help, I decided that using a really light muted grey would be the best colour choice for the sides of the boards. The boards are really colourful so by using a plain black and white grey on the sides, it doesn’t distract from the artwork. It has also given my artwork more of a completed look and more of a professional aesthetic, especially seeing as I have so much white space around my work which can make scruffy edges stand out.


Final images for degree show set up;

From a distance, my boards look level but when you get up close you can see how the boards have warped and because the actual walls themselves aren’t level and nor is the floor it seems pretty impossible to get it looking perfect. Because of this, I have now decided that a 2 cm gap in between each boards. I believe it makes it less obvious to see the issues. The gap has also meant that the yellow is more obvious all around the boards instead of just the tops and bottoms if they were all butted together.


Here are images of all the boards as individuals, I have also shown the gaps as the next board begins to show. I have ordered them in the order in which they are shown on the wall, three nighttime landscapes first and three daytime landscapes after.

final board 1

final board 2


final board 4

final board 5

final board 6


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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