“It is true that imagination lies at the heart of our existence. So much so that we would not be human without it.”     Richard Kearney (1998)

As my project moves forward I realise that I am focusing on the imaginary as well as the perceptual, I am combining the two to create collaged landscapes which hold subconscious imagery as well as figurative imagery. By looking through the eye of the mind we are able to see our imaginations, this concept of imagination has played a key role in my landscape portrayal. My creativity has been a result of collecting items and imagery through my own experiences of travelling through the landscapes and juxtapositioning these elements alongside actual representations of the landscapes. This creates contrast and comparisons throughout the landscape, as it is a large body of work the viewer can take the time to question it. By including imaginations and memories within my work, it becomes more than just a landscape. It becomes a personal journey in which I take in my adult life, from moving out from my parents in the countryside to becoming my own person in the city. This concept of creating impossible landscapes through the use of my imagination has altered my overall aesthetic of painting, this is for the better as I am now conveying altered and impossible landscapes which explore my personal intimacy of experience.

“Every individual imagination is charged accordingly by the symbols of society which surround it – as it, in turn, recharges these symbols with its own creativity”  – Richard Kearney (1998)


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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