• the pilon and the striped lines representing the passing telephone poles and similar attributes of the modern landscape

The pilon and the telephone poles which I have incorporated onto my boards symbolises the obstructions which modernised life has affected the environment. These obstructions become more and more obvious when travelling through a landscape in a car, we recognise them as flashes of black stripes every now and again whilst moving through the landscape.

  • recurring elements, fields/mountains/foliage

I wanted to still create mountainous features for my boards, I find them striking and really enjoyable to create with paint. I wanted them to show a continuous throughout the six boards so they can act as a series as well as a solo painting. The fields and mountains are things which I have taken from my photographs and imagery. I have also incorporated figurations from nature which has helped me to focus on the landscape as a natural scene even whilst in a car.

  • imaginations from home dad’s shed/mum’s pots and plants

By including imaginations within my paintings, it helps me to underpin important imagery to me as my own person, including imagery from home helps me to pinpoint what exactly I think about most when I am going home. In order for me to include these I took images and made still life drawings from being at home, this helped me to think about multiple sensations within the boards. I love the idea of using imaginations of home, I believe it creates a more intimate portrayal of myself as well as the actual landscapes.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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