Jonathan Casella

This contextual reference highlights how the presentation of work can be affected in an exhibition space. Casella’s paintings are on thick edge canvases, this is interesting because once the paintings are presented onto the wall the shadow of the canvas becomes almost as important as the paintings themselves. I believe that this technique elevates the artwork which, in turn, creates a deeper sensorial experience when viewing the artwork in an exhibition space. The experience of walking through an exhibition is as important as the works themselves, the work’s presentation should be parallel with the concept of the work itself. Casella’s paintings are similar to mine because of his use of colour and collage type technique of painting.

This inspired me to think more deeply about how my use of cleat fixations could adjust the aesthetic of the overall presentation. The cleat allows the board to hover subtly against the wall, which leaves a sort of shadow. The shadows are in no way as obvious as Casella’s but, I believe I can enhance this by introducing colour onto the back of the boards. I have hyperlinked a later blog post which explains my thought process more clearly about how I adjust this idea to make it my own;  Blog Post

Jonathan Casella, Once Hidden in Time, Twice Forgotten Until Found Near the Pressed Flowers, 2015, acrylic on panel, 13 x 10”

Jungle Jazz

The Silly Wolf exhibition



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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