Intentionally creating shadows 

As the exhibition comes together, I think more deeply about the aesthetic of my boards. As I am showing them as one continual landscape with no gaps in between my boards, the colour choice on the back of the boards needs to be vibrant enough for it to glow on the wall behind. Artist Jonathan Casella‘s Silly Wolf exhibition inspired me to think about how I should present my work for the exhibition.His paintings hold a shadow which projects onto the wall, I wondered how I could create a coloured shadow on the wall. I wanted to do this because my boards already create a shadow from the use of French cleat fixings, because colour is an important aspect of my work this year I felt it necessary to incorporate colour onto the back if it was at all possible.

After some tests, I decided cadmium yellow would create a glow shadow which looked really warm and subtle. By doing this, I am exploring the overall experience of my work being placed in that gallery space. This has made me more aware of how the public would view these landscapes, I believe that by adding this new concept I have made my landscapes more contemporary and exciting.

Below I have included pictures of the process of colouring the back of the boards, as well as the finished outcome;


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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