Exhibition set-up

As I am completing my boards, it seems like the right time to figure out how to finish the edges. I knew I wanted to do them one colour all round as I’m looking for a sharp finish, I had heard about a previous graduate who coloured the back of her boards … I decided that because colour vibrant throughout all boards it would be interesting to see if it could reflect off the exhibition wall.

Using this effect could suggest;

  • Highlighting the floating qualities in which French Cleats hold
  • To create a more sensual experience / a glow

I realised that the choice of colour would be an important factor to consider, I shone the coloured side of the board’s against the white wall. It was clear that throughout this experimentation process the bright yellow was the most successful. I did initially think about selecting a different colour for each board, but as the boards will be so close together/touching one colour would create a bigger impact. So I decided to prime all edges and back of the boards white [add image]

we were also shown the plan for the exhibition set up

18159761_10210761922663136_12100860_o18175461_10210761922583134_1270886578_o (1)


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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