These landscapes were created initially through the method of collage, I found that once I had made a few collages I was able to paint freely with all the experience I had gained from that initial process. So although these boards don’t necessarily follow an exact collage they have been inspired by the collage making technique and outcomes I had encountered by making collages. This method helped me to become a lot looser whilst painting, creating these abstracted and figurative portrayals of the passing landscape. I had helped me to make the natural, unnatural. By using sharp lines, bright colours and juxtaposing memories from home with actual landscapes that I had passed by.

My aim for this project is to create a journey which encompasses my feelings associated with going to and from my home in Shropshire, glimpsing at passing landscapes and targeting my thoughts as I am passing these landscapes. Whether that be my fathers’ bright blue shed, my mums’ many mismatched pots scattered in the garden or the hills in the background. By combining all of these aspects of ‘going home’ I am able to create an exciting collage style, throughout the making of these boards I experimented with colours and how they react to each other. The shapes of the natural environment and how I could create a continuance throughout the boards as they are side by side.

I decided to create three daytime landscapes, which focus on the vibrancy of colours and use of mark-making to intensify the fast passing hedgerows which are eye-level to me as I sit in the passenger seat. These paintings are abstract and convey dreamlike qualities, which corroborates with my effort to try and illustrate a memory state and also the abstracted perceptual field which being in a moving car has. The three nighttime landscapes also incorporate the elements I explained earlier, but they are darker and have more silhouettes. They are bearer which also illustrates how the nighttime landscapes are harder to visualise, being in a car means that the only light is either from the car headlights, street lights or reflectors on the road or signposts.

Daytime landscape no.1


Daytime landscape no.2


Daytime landscape no.3



Nighttime landscape no.1



Nighttime landscape no.2


Nighttime landscape no.3




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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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