[7] Amy Sillman

“Painting is a physical thinking process to continue an interior dialogue,” Amy Sillman states, “a way to engage in a kind of internal discourse, or sub-linguistic mumbling…”. – Saatchi Gallery

I have decided to use Sillman as a contextual reference for the field module because I was immediately drawn to her method of standing her artworks on these plinth-like benches. It is something I have never seen before in a gallery space, but I think it’s really interesting and playful to show boards in this way. I believe she has done this for added support as the boards are formed all around the gallery room, I wonder why she decided to lean them against the wall on little benches rather than just on the floor. Was it because she wanted them to still look elevated? The way she has presented her work can provoke questions like this, which is why I probably wouldn’t pursue this method in my own work. I am also interested in the way she has presented the boards alongside each other all around the room shares similarities with my own presentation, I will be playing around with the gaps each of the boards will possess. This has led me to reconsider the size of gaps in my exhibition set-up, I am wondering whether there should be any gaps in the presentation of my boards. I feel that if there were no gaps, the overall set up would be more immersive and would serve as more of an experience as you walk alongside the boards. Because I am portraying the continuance in a journey, showing the boards in this way could strengthen that concept. I will be playing around with these ideas when it comes to the exhibition set up.

Screenshot 2017-04-17 14.59.14.png

Screenshot 2017-04-17 15.01.48.png


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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