[6] Kate Shaw

I found this artist recently on social media, I was instantly attracted to her use of colour whilst creating these dreamscapes. They are idyllic and mesmerising and I think they are os beautiful. Here’s some background I have gathered about her work;

She paints collages similarly to me, this enhances colour and creates an abstracted and surreal landscape interpretation. Her landscapes deal with the tensions and dichotomies in our depiction of the natural world and our relationship to it. Shaw experiments with the movement of her paint and mixing ink. Her paintings instigate natural phenomena such as lava, landslides, or avalanches as it is being poured and mixed. Once the paint is dry, she looks within the paint pour for shapes such as tree branches, cliffs or mountains, to cut up and use in her collage. The collage is finished with airbrushing

The way her paintings are presented in a gallery space are simple which works well because of the vibrancy of her paintings alone, she has carried on the painting on the sides of the board which is not something I wish to pursue. I think block colour would be more effective in my work. The last image shows her work in a dark space with lights illuminating the paintings. Although it looks effective, it would not fit with my concept opposed to her landscapes are dreamy and mythical which correlates with the light sources.

Image result for kate shaw exhibition

Image result for kate shaw exhibition

Image result for kate shaw exhibition


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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