[4] Suzanne Kuhn

Contemporary art

I have included this artist in my exhibition context category because she has large acrylic boards which share similar styles through painting like bold colours and looks like she has used a related technique of patterns and brilliantly coloured compositions. I like the simplicity of how she has shown her boards in the gallery space, there is no need to spotlight her work, or show her work in a specific way. The boards themselves are bold enough to not need any extra presentation methods, I think in this case less is more. This is relatable to my own work presentation, my boards are so busy and colourful it would be unnecessary to overthink the gallery presentation aspect of it.

I believe that Kuhn has used the method of french cleats for fixing, even though you cannot see the cleat physically. The boards which she has shown show a similar effect in which the cle\t ould give. The shadow which shows around the board is subtle but still there. She has all of her different sized boards around the room creating a mix matched feel to the whole room. I think this is effective as all of her boards are different sized, but because my are all the same size I believe it would be more flush to show them alongside one another.


Image result for suzanne kuhn artist

Image result for suzanne kuhn artist


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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