[37] Keith Tyson

Tyson works on different pieces simultaneously

He uses a very gestural practice and keeps a diary of ideas and thoughts which would turn into drawings around his studio, eventually transforming into a painting.

His cloud series may seem whimsical but when looked at closer we can see that the clouds hold historical significance, for example; the clouds above the twin towers on 9/11. Clouds are always there, but human force creates clouds as well as nature.

“Cloud Choreography: Clouds in your Coffee” (2009) Mixed media on aluminium, 122 cm diameter

Cloud Choreography: Time Travelling With the Clouds (72 paintings of clouds that floated above significant events in history) 2009 Oil on aluminium, 198 x 382 cm

In his nature paintings, Tyson uses sheets of aluminium and certain chemicals which hold hydrophobic effects. So they react differently dependent on gravity, air, water ect.. Meaning the artist has very little control of the paintings final image. So they aren’t artworks of nature but nature itself creates the art.

‘Nature painting’ (2015) mixed media on aluminium

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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