[36] Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray takes domesticated objects and turns them into compilations of simplified shapes and forms. These compositions are wonderfully goofy, vibrant and completely out of this world. I am using her as a reference because of her use of colour and shape, the colour is complimentary and bold. The shapes are unnatural and flamboyant. I really enjoy unpicking the paintings, they are exciting and celebrate ‘ordinary’ objects showing them in a new light. They seem to jump out from the wall and I imagine this is due to the shape of the boards and canvases themselves.

I have included screen shots of a video taken from this site (https://art21.org/watch/exclusive/elizabeth-murray-bop-short/) it highlights the frustrations in which the artist finds whilst she is painting her speciality cut to shape boards. I found it really interesting to see how the artist deals with these frustrations and the how the end piece turned out.


Elizabeth Murray “New World” (2006)

These paintings are resplendent and even though the colours are bold and blocky her use of mark making can give a sense of movement as if the shapes are wobbly which adds personality to the painting itself.

Elizabeth Murray “So Long Maryanne” (2002-04)

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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