[14] Drawings

After having several dead ends with creating these boards I thought it was time to get back to basics and return to the environments I am painting and to draw. This has helped me to take the forms I am creating and juxtapose them whilst I am painting. Being at my mum’s house allowed me to remember all of the iconic shapes and objects I think of when I am away in Cardiff, like my dad’s bright blue shed or my mum’s many arbitrary pots all over the garden. I want to incorporate more figurative aspects in my boards, as they are my imaginations and my thoughts of home and whilst I am travelling to and from home. It also allows me to combine the abstract and the figurative which in a sense is what I imagine and see whilst on these travels. Seeing the environment around me and imagining the objects from home, this will help me to keep my boards up to date and fresh.

Some of the drawings I completed; my imaginations of home


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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