[35] Ben Reeves 


I found this artist whilst doing some contextual research on artist Peter Doig, I was automatically attracted to his collaged landscapes. They share similarities with my work through the collage process the difference being he actually sticks collages bits of canvas on top of his paintings. The installation below is also which influences me to be more free with my choice of line, it gives a sense of natural forms and the colours give it a burst of vibrancy. The installation is made up of a load of extension cables all plugged together creating an endless and continuous circuit. The installation itself references a formal play of line through the air as the cords twist and hang from the ceiling in mid-air. The gesture of the cords has a sort of lyricism or language, partly due to the cords own physical memory from being coiled up and the artists manipulation of the cords when installing the piece.

I find that the paintings I have included underneath this section of writing show a real sense of depth and organic themes, the collaged canvas looks almost torn giving it a rustic effect. These paintings have mythical characteristics as the colours chosen have been slightly exaggerated especially in the sections of ‘Pink Surf’ and ‘Glimmer’. These subliminal landscapes push the boundaries of how we believe the landscape to look ordinarily, this representation of the landscape seems experiential and as if imagination plays a big part in the making of these mixed media pieces, similarly to mine.

Ben Reeves “Pebble Beach” Oil on burlap with collaged pieces of acrylic on canvas (2016)
Ben Reeves “Pink Surf” detail
Screenshot 2017-04-09 18.15.56.png
Ben Reeves “Glimmer” (2016) oil and acrylic collaged canvas on canvas

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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