[30] Barbara Rae

Barbara Rae is a Scottish painter and printmaker whose brightly coloured landscapes have inspired me to move forward with my own.

Rae’s style is characterised by her use of bold shapes, bright colours and textures created through layering paint. Making them seem abstract but actually, when one looks closer, elements of real places are seen beneath the layers. Her paintings are her response to the environment in which she finds herself in, she paints about places on the margins of the world.

Rae is influenced by Celtic connections, her Scottish heritage and Ireland. More recently she had travelled to places which hold lots of light and textures like deserts and she often gets her inspirations from Spanish environments. One of her ancestors John Rae was an explorer which influenced her to travel to Greenland subsequently creating landscapes from them.

From all these different landscapes she is able to use all of her knowledge from these places to enhance her method of painting.Her interests whilst painting are lights and textures which convey her mark on certain places she is influenced by. Her paintings are about how human beings have intruded onto the environment and as an artist, she is expressing her own intrusion onto the environment.


‘Inishkeas’ Barbara Rae


‘Seafence’ by Barbara Rae


‘Slieve Mor – Yellow’ by Barbara Rae (2010) mixed media on paper






‘Black Skelligs’ by Barbara Rae (2010) mixed media on paper



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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