[28] Andrew Chuani Ho

These illustrations are frantic, busy and show aspects of graphic design. This is probably due to the attractiveness of colour and his use of bold shapes especially in his portrayals of foliage and leaves which I am especially drawn to. I love his cheeky and playful depictions of strange animals, weird subject matters shown in more of a 2D style.

By using patterns and lines and having a few colours rather than the perfect colour palettes can make the image feel more happy and engaging. The image below has all sorts of different examples which exude happiness when you look at them.

He showed some work at the Richard Heller Gallery; From the gallery:

“In his inaugural solo show, Days and Days, Ho stages the inception of his narrative with a set of drawings that draw from a diverse range of influences, including the likes of Henry Darger, Henri Matisse and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Having a deeply spiritual upbringing, Ho’s work exhibits the use of patterns, colours and symbols to reinterpret myths and fables of yore into meditatively drawn coloured pencil drawings.”


Andrew Chuani Ho “Come One Day”






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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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