Artist Statement;

As an artist, I am using collage and painting to recreate a landscape seen by me from inside a car. This idea stemmed from my many journeys from Cardiff to Shropshire, a rural route which takes me from my independent life in the City of Cardiff back to my home county of Shropshire. Shropshire, for me, is my tranquillity and my freedom. My practice involves recording snippets of journeys I have taken through photography and drawings, from these images I have made collages which convey a whole journey in terms of different scenes, different weathers and my feelings associated. By using the collages I have created, I am able to transfer those glimpses of journeys onto a board. This, in turn, forms a method to represent a new reality, a landscape reality which is abstract and vibrant.

I expect that this project will develop into a row of 6 painted landscapes, influenced by the composition of collages I have made. It will also convey the influences which the process of making the collages has had on me as an artist, it will lead me to have created 6 individual abstracted landscapes which have incorporated many scenes, many colours and textures. Landscapes which are individual but shown alongside each other, a journey of landscapes.

5 Key Posts – Subject



Landscape #2

Landscape #5

Gap Crit



Peter Doig

Dexter Dalwood

Louisa Chambers

Karin Mamma Andersson

Laura Welsman



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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