[24] Karin Mamma Andersson

“I often use black spray paint as a sign of bad atmosphere or unspecified threat. In the paintings, time flows together. It is at the same moment both now and then and in the future. Even the subject can be both the observer and one of the elements in the picture at the same time. This is probably because when I’m working, I am everything and everyone at the same time, just as when I was a child playing by myself, I played the parts of all the dolls and their mothers at the same time.” -Karin Mamma Andersson

I really enjoy looking at these paintings, I consider that these landscapes display a landscape which looks like a dream-place. Somewhere where the imagination takes control over the figurative so it creates a place which has underlying nostalgic connotations. I really want to incorporate this sort of style in my own work, a dream-place which I have created alongside journeys I have been a passenger in the car.

Mamma Andersson is a contemporary Swedish painter. Her work is often figurative, frequently depicting domestic interiors and snowy landscapes, and is known for its quiet, dreamlike quality, and use of theater-like pictorial space. Her paintings feature traditional Nordic and folk art references, using imagery drawn from early films. “I paint slowly, gently, thin, beautiful, ugly, thick, hard. I love it, it’s my life. But I hate it too,” Andersson has said. “It is a quiet, messy, illogical confusing disorder. It is here that dreams and the subconscious come in.” Born Karin Andersson in 1962 in near the Polar Circle in Luleå, Sweden. She collects books based on the pictures inside, she collects these pictures as cut outs and also from magazines. All black and white, mostly because often she copies composition or the figures so her use of colour makes it her own. Her studio is full of cut outs and a library of books, a picture bank. She will skim through the books and uses the details to take to her studio. There is a dystopian element, an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one, in her work. She isn’t interested in light-hearted authors or happy stories. It’s not that she’s interested in evil or anything like that, more sorrow. The dark and troubled side of life.

“I see beauty in misery, in the blackness.” -Karin Mamma Andersson

Andersson’s compositions are often dreamlike and expressive. She has a certain way of painting her landscape, this stylistic reference includes turn-of-the-century Nordic figure painting, folk art and local or contemporary vernacular. Andersson’s use of pictorial space and her juxtapositions of thick paint and textured washes is uniquely her own. Her subject matter includes the evocative, melancholic landscapes and nondescript private interiors.



Mamma Andersson

Mamma Andersson - Ackerland Mamma Andersson - Cry Mamma Andersson - Stump Up Mamma Andersson - Moorland





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