[20] Jonas Wood

I have chosen to include this artist on my blog as a reference because of his similar idea of playing with both abstraction and figurative style within a painting. His painting technique conveys an image which often is quite distorted and overlaps his imagery which connotates a collage theme.

Wood paints from studies collages and drawings and sometimes uses photography, but most of his works and studies are part of the larger plan of creating paintings. Wood has also done etchings. Among Wood’s subjects are domestic interiors, landscapes, still-life and sports scenes. In an Architectural Digest story by Rebecca Bates, Wood claimed to paint to create new memories of his former residences: “I’m interested in exploring the spaces that I’ve inhabited and the psychological impact they’ve had on me and my memories of them,…And then I can create a new memory of that space.” The result is the perception that his work is very sincere.

“In drawings, collages, watercolours, and paintings, outlines of pots and vases frame landscape and interior imagery. Drawn and painted vessels set against neutral backgrounds contain a sprawling green golf course; a coral reef with exotic fish; a lush garden; a painter’s studio, all scenes that end abruptly at the parameters of the object.”

Below I have included some examples of his work which appeal to me, I think that his geometric style as a representation of foliage is playful and evokes colour because of the blocks of space the style creates. His style or genre is described as multi-dimensional, a mix of pop art and minimalist/modernism. In The Huffington Post Woods is described in reminiscence of classic masters: “Although Wood pays homage to Van Gogh along with other abstract colorists like Matisse, Picasso and Keith Haring, his works are decidedly modern… Both steeped in tradition yet completely fresh, Wood captures the impossible sharpness of modernity with the familiar feelings of home.” 

Two Tables with Floral Pattern (2013) Oil and Acrylic on canvas
Calais Drive (2013) Oil and acrylic on canvas
Ovitz’s Library (2013) oil and acrylic on canvas



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