[13] Gap Crit

Thursday afternoon; I asked to do a gap crit as I hadn’t done one since the start of the term and my ideas have dramatically changed since then. I decided to show my smaller boards elongated beside each other, to give a sense of movement and the concept of a journey. Along with my first larger boards, as shown below.

From my gap-crit there were various words used to describe my paintings, the use of colour and abstraction made them seem more engrossing and dreamlike. Students said that the paintings were seen as memories of travel, mixed movements enhanced by my use of collage. They also said that the mix of childlike imagination and certain aspects of more literal figurations made striking contrasts in the paintings. It was clear that the repetition of clouds and hills made the paintings more representative of the experience of the natural world, the experience of going past the rural environment not engaging with it which a car journey can so often do.

I had a few constructive criticisms concerning my technical painting skills, I was told to lose the clouds as they seemed out of place and weren’t painted well enough. I was also told to refine my oil painting skill, which I understand as I am still quite new to oil paints.





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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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