[21] David Rayson

Rayson’s work relates directly to the visual potential of the every day, enabling the ordinary to be realised as fantastic.

‘Comfy settees and fringed lampshades; a trip to the local off-licence; bird-watching, of both the human and animal kind. This is the sort of quotidian stuff that makes up David Rayson’s depiction of English suburbia, but all of it drawn in bright, heavy, felt-tip inks so that his scenes take on an intense, immediate, disorientating feel, like something from a dream or fever.’
—Gabriel Coxhead, Time Out, January 2009

His use of mark making and felt tip ink conveys a dreamy, wavy prepossessing depiction of a scene image. His finished works of art have connotations of overlapping imagery, collage-esque motifs. His colours aren’t bright or daring but the colours chosen do play with reality.

Stella Morning (2008) archival ink on paper



Image result for david rayson
Dark Bird (2004-8)


Image result for david rayson
The Island mixed media on panel





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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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