My artist statement; Throughout my art practise I have tried to convey views from a car window through paint, going through the countryside, particularly A49 from Shropshire. Reflecting our detached relationship with nature, time, the symbolism of a journey, dream-like, passive, life as journey. Fragments of time. I am attempting to capture a stretch of time and space in a single journey. Using collage to create fragmentary paintings, also about memory.


At this tutorial, the paintings are taking on a more multi-sensory, richer dimension to the car journey, rather than just records of what you see through the car window. The lecturer noted that working from collages was a bold move but fortunately, it’s really paying off. (yay)

I mentioned whether it is necessary to justify the colours I am using or a feeling that I have to come up with some all encompassing idea behind why I have chosen to work in this way. I was reassured that this will all manifest itself through the work, to help me I was told to just keep painting and making collages as this will keep my ideas turning over.

I mentioned painting a recurring object like a traffic light, or sign. Resultantly the tutor explained that there may be no need for this. As it could create confusion to see the same thing throughout the composition – it might start to dominate, when the outcome of the painting is showing the experience of the journey as a whole.

From this and the gap crit, I feel quite confident to start planning out my boards ready to paint on for the degree show. I also think it would be a good idea to section out my boards so I prime some parts ready for oil and some ready for acrylic as I don’t want to limit myself to just oil paints too much. Also, the fine art technician explained to me that once primed with rabbit skin glue and thixotropic primer you cannot use acrylic on top. It will also allow me to be more free with other materials like ink and chalk, this will create more of a collage effect and more intriguing.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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