[11] Landscape

‘Untitled’ Oil on board 32 x 40 inch

This painting is based on a journey taken at night, vision is low and the darkness takes over as the only light is that from the headlights at the front of the car on the road. Again the hills and the trees are depicted and are similar to those I have included in the previous landscapes. This is a much simpler composition, a few shapes which don’t really resemble anything in particular but are shapes I have taken from representations of foliage within the collage.

Driving at night is quiet and calm, I wanted this to show through in this painting, the elements of yellow thick paint is there to convey the occasional bright light of a car pasing on the opposite side of the road, the white dots all around the painting representing cats eyes on the road and the glistening stars in the sky. I have included the same style of pink tree and the hills are the main focus of this painting.

To develop this painting, I would start off with thin layers of paint rather than with thick, as it made it quite difficult to keep the lines crisp. I would also make the hills less bright and possibly will add paint over the top to resemble the black of the night covering some aspects of the hills but by doing this I don’t want to make the painting less abstract. Unlike the other paintings, I have used mixed media as well as oil paints. By using charcoal and oil pastels I am experimenting with line and mark making.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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