[9] Landscape


‘Untitled’ oil on canvas 32 x 40 inches

Above, is my first finished oil-painted landscape as documented from the technique of collage. It includes fragmented landscapes from multiple journeys which created this abstracted portrayal of a car journey. I have also included more realistic depictions of the environment, the tree, the mountain behind the tree, the white space of foliage and the colours have been exaggerated but have I have also included more earthy colours.

I wanted these paintings to be fragmented and abstracted, as the journey itself is a fragmented and abstracted one. This painting is very blocky, this is because of the use of collage. I think to develop this piece of work I would need to use tape to make sure the edges of the rectangles are cleaner and crisper to exaggerate the fragments of the different landscapes.

This particular canvas also shows the change of the weather through a journey, from left to write I have used different colours and techniques which document the weather which goes from cloudy and unclear, then rainy finishing right with bright skies and a sunset. I did not want this to be an obvious portrayal of weather, as when in a car taking a journey you might not always notice the weather or remember it when the journey comes to an end.

I find that this landscape shows influences of Gerhard Richter’s scraping oil paint effects,  I think that technique is helpful in this piece because it accentuates movement. The rush of landscape passing the window cannot be shown as a static image, here I have tried to incorporate all aspects of multiple journeys to portray a continuous landscape.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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