[19] EXHIBITION; Bacon to Doig

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From studying the works of Peter Doig for my project, I thought it essential to visit this exhibition. Sadly, I was only able to take a few pictures before I got told that it wasn’t allowed (oops!).


Below are the few pictures I took;

Barbara Hepworth ‘Oval Sculpture (Delos)’ 1955
Merlyn Evans ‘Standing Figure no.1’
Francis Bacon ‘Study for Self Portrait’


Image result for francis bacon henrietta moraes
Francis Bacon ‘Henrietta Moraes’


I also saw,

  • Ivon Hitchens
Ivon Hitchens ‘Arched Trees no.12’
Ivon Hitchens ‘Trees from a House Roof: Autumn’
  • Dexter Dalwood
Dexter Dalwood ‘Oscar Wilde’
  • Hurvin Anderson


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  • Peter Doig


Image result for peter doig untitled 1959
Peter Doig ‘Untitled’ 1959


Image result for peter doig daytime astronomy
Peter Doig ‘Daytime Astronomy’


  • Frank Auerbach


Image result for frank auerbach park village east from the bridge
Frank Auerbach ‘Park Village East From The Bridge’


  • David Hockney ‘Figure Being Hypnotised’ (1937)
  • Ben Nicholson ‘Feb 13-55 West Cornwall’
  • John Piper


Image result for john piper coast of pembroke
John Piper ‘Coast of Pembroke’


  • Ceri Richards


Image result for ceri richards welsh coastline
Ceri Richards ‘Cycle of Nature’


Image result for ceri richards coconut shy
Ceri Richards ‘Coasters at Coconut Shy’



  • Natalia Goncharova


Image result for natalia goncharova the weaver
Ceri Richards ‘The Weaver’


  • Graham Sutherland


Image result for graham sutherland fountain
Graham Sutherland ‘The Fountain’


  • Eileen Agor


Image result
Eileen Agar ‘An Exceptional Occurrence’


  • Peter Lanyon


Image result for peter lanyon beach girl
Peter Lanyon ‘Beach Girl’




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