[1] Laura’s presentation workshop

We had a group session with the fine art technician which taught us about what to consider when hanging and presenting work for the final exhibition. My work will all be 2D, so I have already made myself aware of all the different types of display methods which I could use. The fine art technician had created an informative powerpoint, explaining all techniques which could be used for 2D artwork. She explained how each method could adjust the perception of the work and the display of the work was just as important as the work itself.

When displaying work it is important to always think about what you’re trying to communicate to the audience. All aspects of the work and display will be questioned. Why you chose that work and that display. 

BOARD – size, space, concept. To you want to draw the viewer in? Do you want your work to be all engulfing? Should there be an area of intrigue?

When thinking about the display of artwork it is crucial that you consider all aspects of presentation, e.g. light lighting, height, a series the wall. It is essential to contemplate all these aspects, as it helps to control the way the viewer looks at your work. Would the painting look better on its own, or as a series? A blank or painted wall? Do you want the viewer to look up to the work, be eye level with it or look down at it?

HANGING AND FIXING SYSTEMS – what weight is the board? Consider the different fixing systems to correlate with your concept and final outcome. It is a good idea to make a sketch on a smaller scale, to see how you want your paintings to look and how you want them to be perceived.

  • French Cleats give appearance of floating
  • Suspension, using nylon will give the painting its own area of space and can be as far from the wall as you like

This talk has led me to think in detail about how I want to display my painting in the May exhibition and how I want the chosen display technique to affect the representation of my work.

At the moment, I want to use french cleats. I think they’re really slick and I want the floating effect to be a part of my display as I think my paintings need to come out to make more of an impact to the viewer. I would like to experiment with the thickness of the cleats themselves, to see if I could make them really come out of the wall.

french cleat

Below, I have documented some of the possible shapes of boards and ideas which they could hang or fix on the wall. I am still undecided on how I want to display my work, or how I want that display to communicate to the viewer.

Screenshot 2017-02-16 21.32.49.png


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