[8] My studio space


I have been toying around with my figurative representations of the landscape, I want them to be landscapes but I want them to be more interesting and vibrant as though is correlates with my feelings associated with the journeys I am documenting. Because it’s a route from Cardiff to Shropshire, these feelings are often excited and happiness. So vibrancy is key in this painting project, also by using shapes of mountains, trees and foliage and exaggerating them, I am able to create figurations within the abstracted backgrounds and colours. This mix of abstract and figurative is something which I believe is important in this series. The abstract is the thoughts in my head, my imaginations and my feelings. The figurative is the continuance of the landscapes, the passing tree and the mountains in the distance.


My studio space is slowly filling up with landscapes and collages, because I am using oil paints in a quite thick fashion I am trying to start as many as I can sooner rather than later because of drying time. At the moment, I have two boards and one canvas all sized at 40 x 32 inches. I am quite comfortable with this size, but thinking about the degree show I am interested in going larger. Here are close ups of my paintings so far;






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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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