‘Everything we see is dispersed and disappears. Nature is always the same, but nothing remains of it, nothing of what we see. Our art should give to nature the thrill of continuance with the appearance of all its changes. It should enable us to feel nature as eternal.’

-Paul Cezanne

I have encountered problems with my project, I am still trying to create a whole journey or a feel of a whole journey from sketching and painting a scene. I decided it was time to stop representing static scenes and attempt to represent multiple fragments, juxtaposed together to create one large impactful image full of abstracted pieces and more figurative elements. Creating something which is interesting and allows me to exaggerate colours and forms.

This way, I can incorporate all aspects of a car journey into the subsequent paintings. Weather changes, environmental changes and light changes. The car journeys I am documenting are mostly journeys from Cardiff to Shropshire along the a49, a generally rural route which takes about 2 hours. These journeys mean a lot to me, they are my escape route as well as the journey to my sanctuary. I want to record all aspects of these journeys and using collage to piece together ground work I have been completing as the starting point.


To make my collages I have been piecing together cut outs of my own sketches and watercolours I have made prior to this part of my project, once my cut outs are complete I draw over them and paint them to give a feel of multiple landscapes in one.


In this one, I have been more experimental with brighter colours. I didn’t want to limit myself with earthy colours, as I want these landscapes to be vibrant and playful. There are multiple textures in this one which corroborates with the change of weather and landscapes seen through a continuous landscape.

I will use these collages as a reference when I begin painting my landscapes, so the landscapes I show for the final degree show will convey abstracted landscapes which encapsulate all characteristics of the landscape seen from a moving car.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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