[17] Patrick Caulfield

A printmaker and painter, Patrick Caulfield is known for his iconic bold canvases which portray a mixture of the photorealism and flat simple coloured interiors. His paintings are primarily figurative and also of still lives, his alternative way of perceiving the world is truly unique. I personally love his mixture of techniques, they highlight his technical skills in both photorealism and flat linear depictions. I wanted to reference this artist as I appreciate his different methods of reproducing a scene or still life. I have included two of Caulfield’s paintings, below is ‘After Lunch’ and below that is ‘Vases of Flowers’.

Patrick Caulfield’s paintings explore alternative ways of picturing the world. After Lunch was one of his earliest works to combine different styles of representation. In this case, what appears to be a photomural of the Château de Chillon hanging in a restaurant is depicted with high-focus realism, contrasting with the cartoon-like black-outlined imagery and fields of saturated colour of its surroundings. Caulfield deliberately makes the relationship between these varying representational methods uneasy and ambiguous, so that the picture appears more real than the everyday world around it.

-Tate Gallery label, November 2016

Patrick Caulfield ‘After Lunch’ Acrylic paint on canvas 2489 x 2134 mm (1975)
Vase of Flowers is characteristic of Caulfield’s paintings of the early 1960s.  Flat images of objects are paired with angular geometric shapes, isolated against vivid areas of flat colour.
The painting shows Caulfield’s use of gloss paint on board and his hard, linear technique.  His preference for cheap and readily available house paint, applied to a flat surface, recalls the anonymous technique of the sign painter, dispensing with visible brushstrokes and unnecessary detail.

-Tate Gallery label, September 2004

Vases of Flowers 1962 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005
Patrick Caulfield ‘Vases of Flowers’ Household paint on hardboard 1219 x 1219 cm





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