[15] David Salle

David Salle explores the hypothetical relationships between subjects and their portrayals, using cut outs and obscured images as references he creates collage-like paintings which tackle all aspects of his chosen subject. His contemporary images are abstracted and vibrant, portraying intensity and a mixture of patterns and contrasting colours.

His paintings and prints comprise what appear to be randomly juxtaposed images or images placed on top of one other with deliberately ham-fisted techniques.

His style of the painting shows a collage which has different subjects poking outward at all angles, almost like a mind-map of all different subjects.

David Salle ‘Bigger Rack’ Acrylic and oil on canvas and linen 244 x 355 cm (1998)

David Salle’s ‘Angel in The Rain’ has comical aspects as well as more traditional ones. The performing bears and the angels connotate a rather dramatic division in what he’s portraying helped by his collage approach to painting.

David Salle ‘Angels in the Rain’ Acrylic and oil on canvas and linen 244 x 335 cm (1998)

‘Mingus in Mexico’ is an example of Salle’s use of the pastiche technique, this style of imitation is a central theme in modern art and Salle used it coherently in this piece.

David Salle ‘Mingus in Mexico’ Acrylic and oil on canvas and linen 243.8 x 312.4cm





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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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