Exhibition Proposoal

As an environmentalist from rural Shropshire my passion has always been the view of the landscape, this has led me to think about and question how the landscape is most perceived by society. A car journey can be many things; a daily commute to work, a fun expedition or, for me personally, spontaneous trips with my boyfriend and my travel process from my home county to Cardiff to carry on with my uni life. There are many feelings associated with a car journey; excitement, anticipation, boredom and protection from being inside a car. All of these feelings along with the general experience of being static in a car with the landscape moving all around you, are elements I want to incorporate into my exhibition.

My practice will be landscape painting from the view of a car windscreen, I want to paint a landscape seen from within a car as I believe it is the most viewed landscape within modern society. The landscape seen from within a moving car is continuous, constantly changing and I want to try and capture this through the means of abstracted painting. I want to use lots of bright vibrant colours to capture the light and reflections from the windscreen, I will use oil paints primarily but not be afraid to use mixed media. I will concentrate on using marks, and techniques to create paintings that reflects the experience of glimpsing things as you slip through a landscape.

I expect to make a series of about 3 medium sized boards, dimensions: 70cm x 100cm. The timescale for this is 8 weeks, I want to make a few so I can have the choice of what to put up. I hope to be finished by April 20th so I can take my time in deciding whether to show one painting or the series of paintings.

I will need to put my board onto frame professionally and I will need Laura’s assistance in doing so, I plan on attending her 2D framing workshops from Friday onwards. Ideally, I would like a natural light source of day light, I will need one wall to hang my painting on, or two walls, side by side, for my series of paintings. Below, I have included a table of all tools and materials I will need for my practice, this equates to:


Daler & Rowney ‘Georgian’ oil paints 75ml

System 3 Acrylic 75ml set of 5

varied mixed colours 20 individual tubes

Acrylic paint set of 5 primary colours

(www.jacksonart.com) £86

(www.jacksonart.com) £15.60

Boards and professional framing Gesso Panel Board:1000x700mm x3

External Frame Size:1070mm x 870mm x 3


£41 x 3 = £123


£87.76 x 3 =£263.28

Brushes & paint applying tools; i.e palette knives, sponges.. ect Georgian Oil Painting Brushes Set 401 4 Pack.

Daler Rowney Georgian Skyflow Brush Bright 2 ½.

Wickes paint brushes

Wickes paint roller

(Hobby Craft) £15

(Hobby Craft) £12.90

(Wickes) £17.89

(Wickes) £3.99

Extra Products; white spirit, cloths, sanding tools (Various shops) £3

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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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