[13] Luke Tuymans, Callum Innes & Pheobe Unwin

After explaining my idea to my tutor today, he made me think about some contradictions in my work so far. I have been thinking about the landscape through a car windscreen being perceived as an ongoing scene which changes continuously almost as though your in some sort of trance. However, I have been portraying the landscape as a complete scene which just doesn’t make sense.

So, with my tutor’s help, I realise that I need to be creating more distorted landscapes. He also pointed out that I can be quite ‘uptight’ when painting and he explained that in order to make my painting freer and distorted I need to loosen up my painting technique.

He gave me some contextual references to look at which highlight how my distorted landscapes could look;

Luc Tuymans – This artist often paints from figures and specific subjects, many of his images appear blurred or reduced, as though viewed at several removes, or camouflaged in some way. They are frequently based on photographs or film stills, which the artist photographs and re-photographs until much of the original detail and clarity is lost. I like his technique of blurring as it shows a sense of movement and relates to my project in that the landscapes viewed from a moving car are blurry as the landscape is a continuous movement.

[no title] 1996 by Luc Tuymans born 1958
Luc Tuymans – part of ‘The Temple’ 1996 etching and aquatint on paper dimensions: 800 x 610 mm
[no title] 1996 by Luc Tuymans born 1958
Luc Tuymans – part of ‘The Temple’ 1996 etching and aquatint on paper Dimensions 800 x 610 mm
Callum Innes – Born 1962, a Scottish abstract painter. His characteristic form of coolly atmospheric abstraction has aptly been described as ‘unpainting’, given that key compositional elements are generally produced, not by the application of paint, but through its removal by washes of turpentine. Each finished painting thus suggests a freezing in time of the otherwise momentary arrest of an ongoing process. This technique is something which correlates with my project in that the momentary landscape is quickly gone and there for should be edited in such a way it would give the essence of the new landscape continually progressing.


Callum Innes ‘Monologue Black 13’ 2008 oil on canvas dimensions: 108 x 104.50 cm


Callum Innes ‘Three Identified Forms’ 1993 oil on canvas dimensions: 110 x 100cm



Pheobe Unwin – Her paintings shift between figuration and abstraction creating a personal register of images and marks: observations of reality, constructs of memory or indirect references to particular places and events. Using a variety of media, from oil and acrylic paint to pastel and graphite, Unwin creates playful and irreverent images, often imbued with a stern psychological presence. I love her mix and match technique of patterns and specific things and places, they create a diverse collage-like painting which identifies lots of different aspects of life. I think this artist ties in well with my project as she has incorporated more than one subject matter to create a whole piece.


Pheobe Unwin ‘Soft Person’ 2008 acrylic and gold leaf on canvas dimensions: 220 x 185 cm


Pheobe Unwin ‘Desk’ 2008 oil aluminium leaf and spray paint on linen dimensions: 183 x 153cm




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