A car journey


Photograph of a journey from Bridgenorth to Broseley (in Shropshire) with my mum in her car


A car journey is something almost everyone in this modern day society has experienced, whether it be your daily commute or a day trip somewhere special. I want to make art about this experience because I believe a car journey can hold many emotions and memories.

For me, my most enjoyable car journeys are when my boyfriend and I are going out on day trips or travelling somewhere. Dependant on where we are going, or why we are going there will impact my mood. The feelings associated with a car journey can differ from excitement and happiness to sadness and boredom, I want to be able to portray these emotions associated with the car journeys I wish to represent.

There are other elements of a car journey which I think are important to think about when depicting a landscape through the perceptual field a windscreen frames, the music that is playing, any particular passenger activities like map reading or rolling cigarettes. Maybe even waking up in a completely different landscape compared to where you were when you fell asleep an hour ago.

The idea of being in a car is a strange phenomenon too, that moving box which you are isolated in and enclosed so you can’t feel the landscape or the weather but it is all around you. The landscape around you is ongoing, no matter how slow or fast the car is going, the landscape constantly emerges into a brand new one.

As the passenger, I am often looking out of the dirty window and taking photographs of the ongoing landscape and experiencing the parallax viewpoint where the foreground moves faster than the background and how it makes you question whether the landscape can ever be shown as just one scene.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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