[6] Photographs, sketches and paintings

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I am finding that environmentalist thought is something which today’s society lacks, the natural world is becoming less and less important. Pollution, global warming, melting icecaps and rising sea levels are all terms which pretty much sum up the 21st century.

My project will be a focus on the perception of the landscape from the inside of a moving vehicle. I believe that a huge chunk of society mostly view the Earths landscape through a car windscreen, which is an altered view because the landscape through a moving car is ongoing. A continuous roll of landscape constantly moving, no matter how hard you try to see the same scene it’s gone in a flash, replaced by a new one.

The landscape is ever changing, one minute a wind gust might change the form of a tree, whilst rain alters the perceptual field which a car windscreen holds as if it were a frame. A car journey for me is often my commute from Cardiff to Shropshire or vise versa, a journey which is emotional whether it be leaving my rural county which holds my family home to the hustle and clamour of Cardiff City life or leaving the City to return home to the tranquillity and safety of my home county of Shropshire.

I have been gathering images of said journeys and other journeys which I hold close to my heart, I have been recording my journeys through photography, a small sized sketch book and a sketching app on my phone.

My aim, to re-recreate a landscape which is perceived through a car windscreen on a journey. Including aspects of the car and connotations of modern life along with the constant movement, a scene from within a car will have.





After my tutorial, I decided that it was time to become more experimental with my representations of the landscape. Simply because the landscape I am portraying is seen through an abstracted view, the windscreen acts as an obstructive frame whilst the landscape itself and weather elements are constantly changing during the journey.

I have been playing around with textures and mark making to create this abstracted representation; by using mixed media materials like paint, oil pastels, ink and chalk I am exploring these mediums in preparation for my final degree show.

I have also decided to reject any other means of representation like the perspex video work and the woodblock print, I want to concentrate on painting and 2D work only for the sake of time






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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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