[8] Paul Nash

British surrealist painter Paul Nash played a key role in modernising British landscape painting. He was especially inspired by the moon phases and the equinox, they are a huge factor of his mysterious landscapes. Nash was interested in British ancient history and interpreting his environment according to a unique, personal mythology, evolving throughout his career.

His pictures found a refreshing, contemporary way to express a deeply felt communion with the English countryside – trees, paths, birds, hills.

-The Guardian

His blotchy depictions of the British landscape are uniquely semi-abstract, creating thought provoking surreal landscapes. I enjoy his use of colour schemes and rounded formations, his impressionist style along with his illusionary imagination creates landscapes which appear to be unreal. His balance of the real and the imaginary is evocative as if he had painted half from the actual landscape and half from memories or visions.

He searched for inner meanings in the landscape, what he called the “things behind”. Yet he also was constantly on the lookout, as he said, for “a different angle of vision”

-The Guardian

From this reference I will be exploring my own thoughts and visions from the landscape I am continuously passing by as a passenger in the car, when I am in the car dependent on where I am travelling to and from my thoughts and feelings will vary. An example of this is when I am travelling away from home to Cardiff to study. I may feel sad for leaving my family home but excited to go back to the city, I want to capture all of these feelings in my depictions of the landscape through the car window.


Paul Nash, Landscapes of the Unconscious


Paul Nash, Wood on the Downs, 1930 (Aberdeen)


Paul Nash, Landscape of the Summer Solstice, 1943



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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