my assessment feedback

From my feedback I was told that my more successful pieces were the paintings which were done using the perspective of looking out the car windscreen at the landscape. I know I can explore this subject more as in this modern life people spend most of their time in a car or a train getting from A to B. I feel that this method of viewing the landscape is becoming more and more apparent, especially in the City.

I plan on gathering all of the grainy photos I have taken from being in my boyfriends car going to different places, I am forever making him pull over so I can capture that scene. Otherwise, within a blink of an eye it is gone forever.

I want to represent these paintings using the genre of magic-realism. Something my tutor introduced to me, as he believed my paintings show this style.

MAGIC REALISM – a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative and naturalistic technique are combined with surreal elements of dream or fantasy

My first step from my feedback will be to fill a small sketchbook of sketches, watercolours and mixed media paintings drawn from photographs or from the actual landscape. This will help me to plan out my paintings before I start and also will help me to abstract my paintings in terms of magic realism.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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