[9] David Hockney

I found this image on social media, I was instantly attracted to this simple sketchbook style landscape by David Hockney.

IMG_1776it When David Hockney isn’t setting up an easel on the side of a road or in a forest, he is in the car capturing the landscape through recording his observations an app on his iPhone or iPad or cruising in a video camera decked out van. His colourful depictions of the British countryside are playful and hyper-real, as if it were an image from a story.

Hockney soon sought ways of reintegrating a personal subject-matter into his art. He began tentatively by copying fragments of poems on to his paintings, encouraging a close scrutiny of the surface and creating a specific identity for the painted marks through the alliance of word and image. These cryptic messages soon gave way to open declarations in a series of paintings produced in 1960–61 on the theme of homosexual love.

-The Tate

Hockney experimented with different forms, including abstract expressionism. He did well as a student, and his paintings won prizes and were purchased for private collections.

He has always been good at finding surprising and elegant ways to orchestrate differences: the palm tree against the sky, the light on the water, the splash in the still pool. These allow your eye to alight on things in different ways, just as the mind records what the eye sees with various degrees of nuance and recognition.

-The Guardian


The Road to York through Sledmere, 1997 oil on canvas, 48 x 60 in.



Late Spring Tunnel, May 2006 oil on canvas, two parts, 48 x 72 in

Bigger Trees near Warter, David Hockey. 2007 Oil on canvas

After reading about David Hockney’s iPad/iPhone drawings I decided I would give it a go. When in a moving car I would use a paint app on my phone and try and capture the moving landscape. I found using my finger on such a small screen quite difficult, so next time maybe I’ll try a stylus or something similar. I like how they are colourful and quite naive, I think they capture the essence of a moving landscape. Here are a couple of my drawings:




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