[5] Assessment

Below I have included the work I have made up to this point, my aim was to paint the landscape figuratively but intensify the paintings by visualising colours and feelings I have in association with the places I have chosen. I am aiming to explore the relationship between person and place, by infusing my painting technique with my feelings toward the place.

I believe that a person’s personality and psychology is dependant on what sort of environment they surround themselves with. From being born and raised in the countryside, I find that the environment influences me in many ways. Feeling a connection to the environment is important to me, my aim for this project is to make that spiritual connection and portray it so others can see the environment from my own psychological point of perception.

By using my own memories from places I have visited and my personal feelings associated with specific places, I am going to abstract my paintings in terms of colour and mark making to enhance them. I want my personal psychology to come through in these paintings along with any feelings I remember from visiting mountains, coastal areas and places which are close to me.


I feel that in order to progress on from this point, I need to loosen up my painting technique. From the assessment I was told to stop trying to paint a static view of the landscape, I had been talking about journeys as a whole but I was not portraying a whole journey. I was portraying a snapshot of a journey. But, I am happy that I came across this issue early on in the year as I am now able to use my work so far as a means of inspiration. To pick out what I enjoy about each piece and reject elements which are too ‘twee’.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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