[5] Gerhard Richter

Sometimes your abstract paintings give the impression of a landscape. Are you looking for realism again in abstraction?
“I believe I am looking for rightness. My work has so much to do with reality that I wanted to have a corresponding rightness. That excludes painting in imitation. In nature everything is always right: the structure is right, the proportions are good, the colours fit the forms. If you imitate that in painting, it becomes false.”

Interview with Anna Tilroe, 1987


Gerhard Richter “Abstract Painting” oil on canvas (1980)


Gerhard Richter “Abstract Painting” oil on canvas (1980) 



A German painter,  “In the early 1960s Richter was exposed to both American and British Pop art, which was just becoming known in Europe, and to the Fluxus movement. Richter consistently regarded himself simply as a painter.” – Tate

In my work, I want to experiment with using abstracted painting technique. I like the technique of scraping and layering colours, it gives a textural concept.

By using oil paints and layering up different colours, this technique of scraping can give the effect of movement. I would like to experiment with this technique, without over doing it.

abstract painting 726.jpg
Abstract painting no. 726 (1990) by Gerhard Richter. Oil paint on canvas



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