[4] Perspex

At this early stage in the year, I have been thinking about how my paintings could be presented, I want to play around with perception. I thought about what material is transparent and easily manipulated. I thought perspex with it’s strength and durability would be a good material to start with.

I like to link my work with relevant symbolism, I know that mountain ranges alone have a lot of symbolism.  From the peak of a mountain a person has a better perspective on things. Perhaps he can even see the divisions of ecosystems from his lofty observation point. He can see where the deserts end and the prairies begin and where the oceans stop and the land begins.

Throughout history, mountains have symbolised constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness. Mountain tops, notes J.C. Cooper, “are associated with sun, rain and thunder gods and, in early traditions of the feminine godhead, the mountain was the earth and female, with the sky, clouds, thunder and lightning as the fecundating male.” On the spiritual level, observes Cooper, “mountain tops represent the state of full consciousness.” Cooper notes that pilgrimages up sacred mountains symbolise aspiration and renunciation of worldly desires.

I want to recreate this symbolism and using perspex I believe I could create a pyramid and turn it into a light source, to have in a dark space to highlight the monumental spiritualism of the mountain/pyramid.

Below is an example of the sort of thing I would like to show. I made a very small maquette pyramid out of acetate. I shone a light source along the base of my black box to show the light in all angles through the pyramid. The next step of this part of my project, will be to build a stronger model out of 5mm perspex and have the light source at the base of the pyramid, symbolising the spiritual attributes of the mountain.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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