[4] Lucien Pissarro

Born in France, Pissarro was a painter and an illustrator. Below, an image of his woodcut ‘Landscape‘. This characteristic portrayal of the landscape is playful and his use of mark making through the cut of wood brings out movement. Although his depictions are traditional portrayals of the landscape, there are some aspects of his mark making which I could incorporate into my own work.

Landscape c.1911 by Lucien Pissarro 1863-1944
Landscape (1911) by Lucian Pissarro. Wood print on paper.
Almond Trees, Le Lavandou 1923 by Lucien Pissarro 1863-1944
Almond Trees, La Lavandou (1923) by Lucien Pissarro. Oil on canvas.

A colourful winter landscape, I enjoy to tranquil tones and gentle movement of this painting. The colours used are subtle and work well together and create this peaceful and traditional oil painting.

After visiting England he returned to France in 1884, working as a landscape painter while also making an income producing book illustrations, and he showed with his father in the last impressionist exhibition in 1886. During this time back in France he met and worked with the painters Paul Signac and Vincent van Gogh.



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