[1] Landscapes which define me

The painting of the landscape documents the ever-changing environment we live in. I was born in Shropshire and have lived here all my life until moving to Cardiff. Shropshire is known for its hills and beautiful countryside landscapes, my aim for this project is to portray the landscape through my own life experiences and memories.

I want to experiment with semi-abstract painting techniques and mixed media, hopefully, to create dreamy landscapes with depth and texture.

As part of my concept, I want to use the theory of phenomenology to enable my feelings associated with the place to come through in the painting. I feel this would be easier in places I have strong feelings for, like my home and places which stick in my mind like when I visited Snowdonia in North Wales.

Below are a few of the photographs I took, I will be working from these throughout painting landscapes. I really enjoy using photography to find inspiration for painting, I do not copy the photograph straight onto canvas or board but I like to take shapes and colours from the photographs and create my own take on that particular image.

Photos are taken from my home town, Broseley;


I think the above image is a perfect example of a rural landscape, it also shows modernisation which is quite an interesting concept. I love how the old cars are parked by the modern cars. An old picket fence with towering pylons in the distance creates a contrast of old and new. I would like to incorporate modern features in my paintings to make a more contemporary landscape.



Again, this photograph is rural. The pylons still lingering in the distance creating that same contrast. It puts emphasis on how modernization has changed the landscape. How they look so out of place against the green farmland and trees, I feel like if I were to incorporate these pylons and telephone wires in my paintings I would like to use a different medium to highlight the contrast as part of my concept.

Travelling photos – I took these whilst in the car on route to Cardiff from Shropshire.

I love how the first two photos have car parts within, I think this also highlights modernisation through perceiving the landscape. I also find that most of us view the landscape through a car windscreen, although it hasn’t got a fresh picture and is quite grainy I feel this is an important factor of the photo because it correlates with not being able to fully experience the landscape in this way.







When I visited Snowdonia last Easter with my family, I felt inspired. Probably because it is almost untouched by modernisation. As I am environmentally aware and embrace the gifts Earth has given us, I felt using Snowdonia to my feelings towards the environment was best. The vast ice peaked mountain ranges appear almost abstracted because of the many shapes and colours apparent, the words I would associate with Snowdonia are wild, free, untouched.

These pictures were taken by me as I was climbing up Mount Snowdon. I can still remember how I felt as I was walking up these cobbled and icy paths, how bitter the air was against my face and the happiness I felt as I reached the peak. I love how moody these pictures seem, the colours are striking in parts, as I unpack the images I can see vast blues & purples showing how truly magical these places in Great Britain are.









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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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