[2] Experimental sketches

I begin my project by experimenting with different mediums, using charcoal on paper and watercolours. Experimenting with colour and various mark making techniques, eventually moving onto painting with acrylic and oils on board.


Charcoal Drawing; The use of charcoal highlights the misty attributes of the Snowdonian landscape


Watercolour #1; Here I began to experiment with how I want to put paint onto paper, using different shapes and more vibrant mixes of paint and exaggerating the colours I believe I have created an abstract and mystical portrayal of the landscape.


Watercolour #2; My second watercolour includes a type of mark making, my thought process behind this technique was to highlight the relationship between the mountains and the Earth. I was thinking about how strong and symbolic mountains seem and wanted to portray their veiny tributaries of water flowing down. Mountains are symbolic of life itself, including veins makes them alive so we can recognise ourselves in them.

From doing these sketches and watercolours, I was eager to start practising painting;

My first set of practise paintings I have tried to experiment with scraping and contrasting colours, using semi-abstract techniques of applying paint to represent Snowdonia in an enigmatic way. Whilst painting these boards, I was constantly thinking back to when I was trudging up the path to the peak of the mountain. I remembered the cloudy mist looming over the peaks and my sight blurry from spitting rain, trying to incorporate this whilst painting helped me to abstract it.

As I am painting my landscapes, I want to use the theoretical concept of phenomenology. In a way, where I expand my paintings using memories and feelings associated with that specific place. I like this idea, as it makes my paintings more personal and shows a landscape through my own mind and psychology.




As my next step in my painting process, I decided that using oils would give me more vibrant colour options to enhance my feeling associated with a place. The first painting in oil on a handmade canvas is of the sea horizon against a cliff face is the iconic Cornish coast, I wanted to capture the light and immensity of the coastal cliff. From this trip, I remember it being a hot summers day. Calm sea and colourful surroundings, this is a much brighter painting than the earlier Snowdonian portrayals.


This second oil painting on board is of my journey from Shropshire to Cardiff. It’s a long route, on country roads and farmland on either side of the road. There is quite a lot of movement and blurry parts of the painting as part of my experience through travelling in the car. I have also included the windscreen in the bottom of the painting and the car ahead in the painting to show a fuller and more modern theme.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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