500 word reflection; FIELD

I was pleased to find out that we were able to choose from a vast array of options, riverscapes and sequences was one of my first choices along with information is beautiful. I wanted to do the option called ‘things behind the sun’, but the cost of the trip within the option made it unavailable for me which was quite disheartening. The projects I had chosen were very different to each other,  I hadn’t realised my second option was graphic design based due to my own lack of research. However, I went to both projects open minded and attended all sessions.

The riverscapes and sequences was really helpful within my own studio practise as it’s theme was the local environment. It helped me to find new ways of expressing myself through print, I also learnt a range of new technical skills through printing and was able to make a lot of work for it which was great for my own studio work. It was good to have a group of tutors from different fields in this project so we could be as experimental as we like in terms of creating outcomes, which was great. I enjoyed being able to use mixed media within the mono print, using tissue and other materials I could make textured and bright prints with an aspect of layering. Throughout the project all the tutors were helpful, we created a range of artistic outcomes such as photography, print, bookbinding and letter press all of which could be incorporated together which resulted in art full of different mediums which gave them more depth.

The information is beautiful option was a bit of a strange choice for me, I hadn’t realised it would be so computer based which was daunting because of my lack of knowledge in design technology and graphic communication. I learnt a lot about composition of data and how to narrow data down into easily interpreted facts, we saw a lot of examples of graphic posters and animations telling us information through image and bright text they were really attractive and we were told to make our own example. This option taught me that leaflets animations and posters needn’t be boring, and they should stand out to you and be informative as well as easy to read. As a fine art student I decided to do a painting which I would then scan into photoshop to create a poster with relevant text, I had explained to the tutor of the option that I would need help with this aspect and he booked a one to one tutorial with me 2 days before the deadline. He had forgotten this tutorial which meant I had to try and do all the photoshop editing on my own, this lead to a pretty bad mark in the skills part of my feedback.

Overall, I think field is a useful module in terms of trying out different subjects throughout the art school. I feel like I have learnt a lot of new skills through doing these projects in second year, however, I do think that the field options should state which disciplinary they derive from as the information is beautiful option wasn’t very clear to me. By stating which fields each option belongs to, I would have been able to create more work relevant to my own studio practise.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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