My Idea Development

One of my aims as part of my subject project was to use symbolism and mark making as a response to Dominico’s artwork, it will suit my own art work practise because I enjoy using patterns. I want to include the style Dominco used in his ceramic tiles, and using colour to create some vibrant paintings.
As my work has always been environmentally based, I was interested in the pattern formations within nature and found a scientific topic to look into. Fractals are small patterns that appear in all earthly forms whether it be seen under telescopic vision or by the human eye.They are intricately cobwebbed together in lines resulting in complex geometric designs so precisely created, my aim as a starting point is to find natural forms and sketch them by studying them closely as life drawings. This way I would find my own patterning and mark making from my own sketches.

Below are a few of my pencil sketches, the rest are on my blog.

IMG_3319 4 IMG_3747 3

I reminded myself of symbolism within Boscia’s work and remembered what meanings pomegranates hold and how they have been viewed symbolically in many paintings over the centuries. By looking at the history of the pomegranate I found that it symbolises sexuality, fertility and lust. Hall’s Illustrated Dictionary of Symbols in Eastern & Western Art (1994) page 155; “Its many seeds made it a widespread symbol of fertility and abundance among the peoples of  the Mediterranean, Near East, India and beyond. It is an attribute of the Greek God desses demeter/ceres, Persephone and hera/juno and was believed by some to be an aphrodisiac, or to induce pregnancy. Hence it was associated with fertility goddesses.  Using pomegranates enabled me to use a historical approach to female sexuality, I made paintings which showed pomegranates with hidden connotations of female sexuality which I then showed for my site/venue project.

IMG_3739 IMG_3736  IMG_3734

11  IMG_3759.JPG

I had decided to keep my half pomegranate left over from when I was studying it and I had noticed it had started to decay, it was taking on a whole different form. I started to experiment with it’s shape and began to remodel it to represent female genitalia. In order for it to keep its shape I used sewing needles and I began to take photographs of them and they reminded me of a religious practise called Female Genitalia Mutilation, an act which is used on young girls and women to remove parts of all of the vagina to stop sexual stimulation. I also found a website which showed artists against ‘FGM’, which boosted me to make a piece about this subject. I thought about how pomegranates were historical and thought it made sense to use them in this way, I printed off my five photographs and together with my half pomegranate this will be one of my final pieces.

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5)   FullSizeRender (6) FullSizeRender (7)  FullSizeRender (8)

I felt these were successful but wanted to modernize my idea and bring it up to date, so I thought about modernised foods such as takeaways, ready meals and burgers. I bought a ‘Rustler’s burger’ which I experimented with by squashing it around to make a vagina. I began painting pictures of a burger with vagina connotations within. I wanted to target the theme of ‘Fast Desire’, something which modernised life has made us all guilty of. As humans of the modern age, we expect everything within seconds. If we have a question Google can bring up the answers in 30 seconds, if we want sex porn brings us pictures and videos in 30 seconds, if we want quick food it’s easy. By using this as my theme I thought it would be a good idea to bring fast food and sex together combined. I began to start making some art with my paints, my aim being to create vibrant abstract imagery showing me experimenting with the forms and lines and patterns I was working from.

1 4 5

So I made 4 A3 sized boards which show the shape of a burger, but using the patterns and lines from Domenico Boscia’s tiles along with the sexual connotations I had found within my journey through subject. Below are my 4 final boards, which I will be showing at the end of year show.


When I was creating these boards, I was studying artists Georgia O’Keefe and Hilma Af Klint closely. I wanted to create aesthetically pleasing patterning and a range of colours and mediums, for these I used acrylic and watercolour paints and different tools to get the dots and intricate designs to look good. I also included Buddhist symbols relevant to my work including the ‘Unalome’ which is the curved line, it symbolises the path to enlightenment and I used the ‘Sacral Chakra’ which is located in the area of your navel, lower abdomen, low back and sexual organs. I think that if these boards were to be done again, for them to be as striking as I wanted them to be I should have enlarged the middle so it would take up more of the board. This would have given me more space to make my patterns stand out and mark making designs more vibrant and larger to look at, the lack of space in the middle made it hard for me to carefully paint on my designs resulting in them looking quite messy and rushed.

closeupwhitecloseupredcloseupgreencloseup blue




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