First field project; RIVERSCAPES & SEQUENCES

I was really looking forward to using the river Taff as a subject of mono-print and woodblock printing, I wanted to focus on the currents of the river specifically and use them in a way to create a sense of movement. I wanted to look at the trees and foliage surround the river as well, my aim being to make a series of different prints. I want my prints to show an essence of movement within the local environment. As my first stage in this project I took photographs focusing onto the currents of the river;

Here is a printing technique called blueprint, they came out really well and show the currents clearly on the print. Below are some mono-prints I had made, including tissue paper to make a more textured image.

Some images I had taken from walks around the Taff river and the woodland area;

I began to carve blocks from wood to make prints from, my target for these prints is to capture  movement from the river as well as the river’s environmental surroundings.

Below, I have inserted a few of my prints from my woodblock sessions for this project. By printing onto the paper a few times it looks distorted and gives the print a sense of movement.I have tried to capture the ripples and currents by using lines within the woodblock to represent them, this series of prints work well with my studio practise because of its environmental factor. I was really happy to work from the local environment as it’s given me a chance to get to know the Taff area better by recreating it. Using the print studio had influenced me to be more expressive with my personal studio practise, it had given me a boost to use mixed media and to experiment within my subject work.

Second field project; INFORMATION IS BEAUTIFUL

This project was graphic design based, which I didn’t realise until after my first day of the project. Initially I was really worried I wouldn’t have enough skills and relevant knowledge to complete this project, but I was reassured I would be have given help throughout by the tutor. To start off this project we were told to gather data and visualise it in a way the data would be shown through a technical poster, or visual timeline. I decided that using the River Taff as my theme would be good for my work as it was the theme of my last field project. After doing some initial research I found that the river Taff had been named as one of the top 10 list of most improved rivers in England and Wales from the Environment Agency. With this information, I decided that making a poster about the rivers positive changes would be an uplifting visual system. In terms of data collecting I knew I needed to get data on:

-The health of the river
-The rivers history
-any wildlife that lives there, how much has it improved by?

My plan for this project was to create a visual time line of the history of the industrial revolution in and around Cardiff, I found an article which told me a brief history of the river Taff’s polluted past and how much work has been put in over the last 20-30 years to get it restored to it’s natural healthy state, bringing with it the return of an abundance of wildlife. Something scientists never thought would happen. I then decided that I could do an illustrative poster using watercolours and pen and ink showing the river as a timeline going from its industrial past and flowing to the foreground showing a clean river bursting with wildlife. Then to scan the image in and add text to document the illustration. Below, I have included images of my poster which I had started to paint. The river will be identified as a timeline where I will dot significant information I have gathered in time scales from the past (in the background) to the present (in the foreground).

I then scanned my A1 poster into the computer, to the retouch them and add the text onto the river in specific places.


This is my finished poster, I was penalised for it because my text wasn’t all equal sizes and appeared messy on the poster. I was disheartened at this because even though the tutor for the project had told me he would help me with the photo shop aspect, he failed to attend the organised morning session he had previously booked with me after I had asked him to. Which meant I had to try and do it on my own, which was difficult as I had no previous skills for this area of work. Although this project wouldn’t have normally been my choice, it has led me to learn how to use photo shop and has helped me to think about placement and composition of imagery which helped me in this project to visualise a timeline. Both of these field projects have helped me to come out of my comfort zone and try something new, it led me to use different methods of recreating artworks which is something I have taken back to my studio practise.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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