Riverscapes&Sequences PDP

I was really looking forward to doing this field option as it was environmentally based and because it was print based I knew I could make a substantial amount of work. Within this project we were asked to represent the river Taff through print experimentations, my focus for this project was movement and currents within the river. I wanted to use as many different types of print as I could to convey the river’s movements. We looked at print artists like Prunella Clough and Jim Meyer, I really loved the blotchy qualities of Meyer’s prints and Prunella’s use of shape and what they represent. We also looked at realistic print makers such a Vija Celmins who’s river surfaces are  full of movement and show the ripples beautifully.

This option was really useful for me, as I found different types of pint making I hadn’t used before. We were inducted on creating Cyanotype prints which were blue prints transferred from photographs, mono print which was painting onto plastic then putting them through the press, woodblock print is where you care into a block of wood and print through the press. Woodblock, which was my favourite provides two outcomes the prints themselves along with the wood blocks which after they were varnished looked really impressive We also learnt how to do letter pressing and how to bind a book.

I began to make as many prints in different ways as I could to broaden my knowledge within the print studio, I felt my woodblock prints were most successful as I had printed multiple times on the same sheet to give it a distorted effect which also resulted in the representation of movement. Overall, this option was really helpful for me and has led me to be more ambitious in the print studio. As a final piece I created a series of different types of prints to show as my own interpretation of the river’s movements, I thoroughly enjoyed trying out new methods of print and I’m glad I got inducted on these printing techniques as now I am able to use the print studio as I wish. This option has given me many opportunities and I am excited to get back in the print studio in third year.


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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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