Sam Taylor-Wood Still Life 2001 Film still one
Sam Taylor Wood, still life 2001

Female English photographer, film and video artist. The above video and film still shows a bowl of fruit decaying until they have completely transformed into a rotten mass, and even reduced in size. She is using time and video to create a whole life cycle within a fruit bowl, by using modern video and photo knowledge she is able to capture the whole decaying process. Its quite a beautiful video yet it’s showing death and flies coming and going, although decaying food has been shown through art for a very long time, using it with such advanced technology shows the viewer the complete process and change the fruit goes through whilst rotting. I find it intriguing because I still have half a pomegranate which is rotting and haven’t yet thrown it. This video has influenced me to do something with my half pomegranate.. There’s certainly something interestingly beautiful about rotting fruit and time lapses, like when we see plants growing through time lapse.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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