Swedish painter, her work was only revealed twenty years after her death as part of her wishes which put her work into a more modern time scale. This revealed to us she was one of the first abstract artists to come about. Her hidden work’s elude abstraction, the vast variety of colour use of shape and line really stand out to me, I enjoy her use of geometry also. Her chaotic approach to designing her painting is innovative, I love the swirls along with her symbolism. I feel that, when I look upon her works, she has a creative language something that is quite crazy but utterly beautiful and attractive. I certainly want to use her as a contextual reference in my work, her paintings are often split into sections which allows her to paint contrasting images on the same canvas.

I want to regurgitate her use of pattern in my own work and her free flowing use of line, it also reminds me of Domenico Boscia’s use of shapes and composition. Although its not a scenic as Domenico’s it shares similar attributes of abstract expressionism and symbolism. Which fits really well into my personal studies in my subject project, I plan to use this artist as a main reference in my artwork. She used colour, geometry and in her paintings we see repetitions of spirals, flowers and shells and other natural formation which links to my original research in fractals in science and nature. To Klint she spoke to higher spirits and made works using the spirits to depict a higher life, she stated that yellow symbolised masculinity, blue symbolised femininity and green a unity of the two, i am going to use her methods of colour symbolism in my final pieces. She lead more of a process to abstraction to create her works, which resulted in huge canvases which chart the stages of life. Hilma Af Klint’s kept notebooks and diaries showing all of her work and documented the whole of her practise, she was very conscience of her legacy. I have included two close ups of my boards, because I think they are relevant to this specific artist reference because of the colours and shape and line I used inside.



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18 years old, first year fine art student in Cardiff :)

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